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Monday, June 6, 2011

Mady Moo Turns 2! (part 1 of many)

My baby is turning 2 this week :(  I cannot believe it.  I am having a serious case of baby fever.  Even though she has not been the easiest of my 4 (which my husband keeps reminding me) her turning 2 makes me want another one more than I expected.  When she was a baby I started calling her Mady Moo or Moo Moo and now she even refers to herself as Moo Moo and family and friends call her Mady Moo.  At her first birthday my good friend made a paper cake and she joked about just changing the decorations on it to Mady Moo turns 2! for her second birthday.  That has stuck with me so that is our theme this year!  Here are her invitations for our small family party.  I had the idea for the cow (obviously) for a while and then in the Cricut Magazine a couple of issues ago there was one which gave me more inspiration.  I used Create a Critter for the cow front, back and layers.  It was actually not that easy to put together and I had to print the invitation details and then cut them in the flip shape using center cut (it took a few mistakes to get it right) but I think they turned our SUPER cute!  I hope you will agree.  I plan on using this cute cow as inspiration for the party decorations as well.  Since we are in midst of baseball playoffs and parties her birthday party will be a little later in the month even though her birthday is this week so I have time to get those decorations done once I finish end of the school year teacher gifts this week!  LOL.  Anyway, thanks for looking for now, hope you come back to see the rest!

The real invitations has the details not little cute flowes all over it :)

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Mary G. said...

This is adorable!!!!
Happy birthday to Mady!

Thanks for following my blog!! I'm following your's, too!! Looking forward to checking out your older posts later tonight!!