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Sunday, June 19, 2011

End of another baseball season

Another baseball season has come to a close. Although I enjoy watching the boys play May and early June as so crazy between the two of them with practice and games.  We now have the summer off of organized sports (except for sports camps) so I am not sure what we will do with our free time now, LOL.  Not clean the house, I know that!  I wanted to make something for my son's team mates so I did little baseball sour cream containers with a sports bracelet (those rubber ones) a yo yo or keychain and a piece of candy.  They were a big hit (I love when the kids appreciate things like that).  I did the same ones as last year but I changed the tag to match his team logo (Knights) for this year.  These are so easy, one of my favorite thinks to make.  TFL.

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