This is my personal blog that hopefully others will enjoy finding information on projects, ideas, etc. that I have created, scraplifted or borrowed :)

Monday, February 22, 2010


A few weeks ago I saw a Scrapbooking journal on someone's blog (I wish I could remember who to give them proper credit) and I knew I wanted to make one.  So FINALLY after at least 3 weeks I took a few hours last night and today to make it.  I just used an old spiral notebook because I have so many (this one is left from when I was in College 10+ years ago (my mom overstocked me with supplies).  I really enjoyed making it and cannot wait to use it to fill it with ideas.  I made 4 tabs for Journaling/Thoughts, Pages, Cards and Wishlist.  I plan to use to to put in page ideas I have seen or come up with, write something funny my kids said or a story I want to remember to scrap.  I am hoping it will help me be more organized when I sit down to actually make something!  We will see :)  I used the poster I saw on Creating Keepsakes via Facebook a few weeks ago for the inside cover, however, I only used photo corners to put it in so that if I have another inspiring poster I can easily change it.  I also plan to add something to each divider/tab but I am not sure what yet, it will go along with the theme of that tab.  The best thing was I used items (paper, ribbon, notebook) that I already had.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Too much snow...Expression Time!

So Friday my Cricut Expression did the first of the 2010 Blizzards. We lost power for 3 days-we stayed one night and then had to pack up and go to my in-laws (thank God for them and 4 wheel drive). I finally returned home Monday with 2 of the 4 kids (the boys wanted to stay at Nana and Grampy's). Tuesday I FINALLY got up to my craft room to play with the Expression. I also downloaded the free trial for DesignStudio. LOVE them both. I had a great time making some simple cards (I am a simple gal) for friends, family and some Valentine bags for my staff (if work ever opens again:). I also used an old set of Stampin' Up stamps that I love and had not used in forever. Here are some pics. I can't wait until I get some more time to play with the Expression some more. Just for fun I put in some pics of the snow and some cookies I made (and ate way too many of) :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

What a night!

Thursday was CRAZY!  My computer crashed at work, I had to leave early for a doctors appointment for my son, I was late because of the computer crashing and everyone feaking out avout the impending snow storm.  Then his appointment ran long, we had to go to the Grocery store to get items for Internations Night at their school AND I still had to finish the Teachers Appreciation Gift for Ryan's 3rd grade teacher. Well thank goodness it was finished by 10:30pm and I could spend some quality time with my hubby before drifting off to sleep.

Here is the final product.  It should come in handy for my sons teacher given the weather this weekend.  It has lots of snacks, a couple of movies, candy, some wine, some soda and a nice soft blanket to cover up with while watching the movies, drinking some wine and eating all of the snacks and candy!  I hope she likes it.
It has also cards that some of the students made for her.  They are adorable.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gotta love the snow day

Wow, today was awesome!  School was cancelled for the boys which meant I had to stay home from work to watch them :)  I worked for about 4 hours this morning and then I came upstairs to have some Cricut time!  I had a great time.  I needed to make a few things and was able to quietly enjoy the time and space to make them. 
First I had to make a birthday card for a little girl in my 6 year old Kyle's class.  I liked the princess crown card on from the Sweet Treats Cart but I just wanted it to be simple so here is my version of it:

Next I had to make a Thank You card for my 8 year olds Teacher for Teacher Appreciation day this Friday.  I also am the room mom and am making a "Winter Picnic Basket" so I also made some of the decorations for that, which I will complete tonight or tomorrow.  I used the Simply Sweet cartridge for the Thank You card and I used the Locker Talk cart for the basket decorations.

I had a great day playing with the Cricut.  I can't wait until my Expression arrives and I certainly hope it does not take so long for me to get back to it again :) 

Monday, February 1, 2010

WOW...where have I been?

Oh my goodness.  I feel so out of it.  It has been a crazy few weeks around my house.  We all (except the baby-thank goodness) had a stomach bug which took a week to get through everyone.  Then with school for the boys and work for me things have been hectic.  Although I have been on reading other people's blogs I have not had time for my own.  I did do something for myself last week...I ordered the Cricut Expression....YEAH.  I am so excited.  I have the Cricut Create now which I love but there are so many projects I see and want to do that need the bigger machine so I am very excited to have finally ordered it after I toyed with the idea for weeks.

This week is another busy week and I know I have two projects to make on the Cricut, a Teacher Appreciation Card for Ryan's, my 8year old, teacher because it is Teacher Appreciation Day on Friday and a Birthday card for a little girl in Kyle's, my 6 year old, class for her birthday party on Sunday so I will FINALLY have something to post on here!  Can't wait to take some time to use the Cricut and to actually post a project!