This is my personal blog that hopefully others will enjoy finding information on projects, ideas, etc. that I have created, scraplifted or borrowed :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Get togethers...

Sunday we had a small birthday party for my daughter Ally who turned 2 last week.  It was so nice to have friends and family over.  Ally really enjoyed playing with some of her cousins and my girlfriends daughters.  She also got a big kick out of her presents and cupcake.  She is just so proud of the fact that she can blow out her candle.  I had hoped to use the Sweet Treats cartridge to make some decorations but ran out of time so I ended up just making one small little decoration but I enjoyed it, it allowed me to "test" using the cartridge, however, it did help me decide that I have to get the Expression.  I have the Create, which I love but I wanted to make cupcake holders but read in the Cricut messageboard that you need to cut it at 7" for it to fit a regular size cupcake.  I may use it to make the teachers muffins next month when my sons class hosts the teacher appreciate breakfast since I can mini-muffins but some time in the next few months I have to work on getting the Expression.  I am not sure what I would be able to do with my Create but I have a friend who may want to buy it.  We will see.  Anyway, I enjoyed the week celebrating Ally's big day.  I love birthdays, I think they are so special and I am already excited about (one day) scrapbooking the pictures.  Here are a few :)  Her brothers and baby sister enjoyed helping Ally celebrate as well.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My baby (big) girl turns 2!

Yesterday my oldest daughter turned 2.  We are having a family party this weekend but I love to do something for the kids on their actual birthday so we went out to dinner.  When my daughter was 15 months old we found out (through a very unfortunate process that included a 1 week stay in Childrens Hospital and a scare that her kidney's were failing her) that she has a non-ige mediated milk allergy so she cannot have any dairy.  I stayed up Wednesday night making her some of her special cupcakes.  She was SO excited on Thursday to take a couple to the babysitter so she could have 1 and share some.  Then when we went to dinner I took a few.  She was SO excited when she saw it and the candle.  She blew the candle out before we were done singing and said "I did it, I blow".  It was the cutest thing ever and I knew at that moment and when I saw the pictures my husband took then I could not wait until I finally get around to scrapbooking that page (when I eventually get to it).

Sunday for her party we are doing a Diego theme because she LOVES Diego.  I am using the Sweet Treats Cricut Cartridge also to make some decorations.  I will be sure to put some pictures on here once I am done with them.  Hopefully after her birthday I can get back into the swing of things and get some projects done (I think I keep saying that :))

Monday, January 4, 2010

When will there be time for a project or two?

So now that the kids are back to school and the sitter and I am back to work when will I find time to do some crafting...well first thing is first.  I have to get my craft space organized.  I really have trouble letting go of items that are just sitting here that I will probably never use.  Any advice on what to do with them?  I can't do Ebay, I do have the time to go to the post office and mail items after they sell.  Also, any advice on CHEAP organization tips, items, storage, etc.?  I could use those as well.

I hope to actually get to work on the decorations and cupcake holders for my daughters 2nd birthday party (this weekend) one night this week after the kids go to bed so hopefully I will have something to actually post by weeks end.  Well, off to help the kids with their homework and start dinner...TTFN.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

So it is two days into the new year...and I have yet to take a picture or drink more than 1 glass of water.  BUT, I have tried to be a better wife and mother :)  I am counting on family members who have taken pictures at events we have been at the last two days to count as pictures for those days when I scrapbook.   I was excited today to be able to use my Cricut for a card for my neice's first birthday.  I used the Sweet Treats Cartridge which I LOVE.  It did make me realize, as has making docorations for my daughters upcoming 2nd birthday, that I need the Expression.  I will have to start saving up for that big purchase.  Well I guess tomorrow I will get ready for going back to work on Monday and getting back into the groove of things...I will be sad  to not be able to play with my children and my Cricut all day :)