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Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Craft Room/Office (work in progress :)

So I have not made anything craft in the last week or so (I was going to make my son's invitations but I used Evite instead...but plan to make his party decorations over the next 2 weeks).  I did not want to not post for so long (is that a double negative?) so I figured I would take some pics of my work in progress craft room/office space.  It used to be my daugthers room so it is pink and purple (which I LOVE).  It is a bit of a mess right now because I do not have the entire room yet, half is still used by my daughter, LOL so once she is moved to her new room (we are "swapping" rooms) I can start to organize it better.  I did not want (or have) to spend money so I am reusing furniture we already have except for some cubes and wall shelves that I bought a while ago when Michaels had a 40% plus extra 10% or something like that.  If anyones has any wonderful organize tips please SHARE as I can use all of the help I can get!

This is part of the closet (the white cubes, book case and my lovely spongebob TV, LOL) and my Cricut area.  Those are on a computer desk from Ikea.  I love have the keyboard tray that pulls out because then I can work on taking items on and off the mat with the Cricut right there.
I am able to work from home a couple of days a week so I have my work laptop/monitor set-up and my personal computer set-up along with my printers.  You cannot see too well but under the window is some peg boards and some magnet boards for storage.

Here I have a couple of wall shelves and another peg board for adhesive and scissor storage along with some of those plastic drawers for stickers, craft supplies for the kids and party favors (I try to keep those in stock for the kids birthdays)

These are two of those cube shelves we bought at Target orginally for my boys but they do not use them so now they are MINE :)  I have a little of everything in these, office supplies, my sizzix, some zyron refills, my yourstory photo, etc. 
 Once my DD is completely out of the room I plan to use the last wall for a desk or my craft table so the kids can sit in here and craft or work on homework or whatever they want too.  Or I may get a new kitchen table (ours only seats 4 technically) and put that table in here in the middle of the room for people to sit at and work at and add a very small couch or loveseat to the last wall instead, the problem is that wall is the only full wall available for wall storage since the other two walls have windows so we will have to wait and see.  Again, any suggestions PLEASE let me know!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mady Moo Turns 2 (Part 2 of 2)

Well, it seems as though I did not get as much done for my baby girls birthday as I wanted :)  I think with the end of school and baseball season (and work and 4 kids, lol) I ran out of time!  I did get to make her a quick banner and I made and decorated her cake myself.  I used the Old West Rope font for the letters on the banner, which were perfect because I had used a rope font on her invitations!   I used the create a critter for the little cow (again).   She loved blowing out the candle on her cake and she loved having everyone (her cousins) over to help celebrate turning 2!  I used some new wilton molds for the fondant decorations.  I had planned to cut a cow with my Cricut cake but I ran out of time!  If only there were a few more hours in each day!  Don't ya just love her little cupcake dress!  I had to get one for my 3 year also, they both loved wearing them.  TFL.



Sunday, June 19, 2011

End of another baseball season

Another baseball season has come to a close. Although I enjoy watching the boys play May and early June as so crazy between the two of them with practice and games.  We now have the summer off of organized sports (except for sports camps) so I am not sure what we will do with our free time now, LOL.  Not clean the house, I know that!  I wanted to make something for my son's team mates so I did little baseball sour cream containers with a sports bracelet (those rubber ones) a yo yo or keychain and a piece of candy.  They were a big hit (I love when the kids appreciate things like that).  I did the same ones as last year but I changed the tag to match his team logo (Knights) for this year.  These are so easy, one of my favorite thinks to make.  TFL.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Last Day of School!

As a fun little class gift I made these water bottles for my older son to take for his classmates on the last day of school (my younger son did not want to take them in for his class).  I also made a couple for the school office staff and Religion and Music/Art teacher.  I used Create a Critter for the sun and stamped him with my cute Peachy Keen face stamps (LOVE LOVE LOVE them).  I had seen this idea online but from a teacher to her students.  I changed it a bit and made it work for the students from a class mate!

My older sons teacher was retiring also so I wanted to make her a card and we got her a Maryland Terp themed gift since she is such a huge Terps fan!  I used my new Peachy Keen face stamps for the sun and the faces below (I actually did not need to use my Cricut for anything for the card below, can you believe it!).  I scraplifted this card idea from online but do not have the blog because it just came up under images when I did a search for retirement cards.  It was so quick and I love the little faces!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

End of the Year Teacher's Gifts

As I may have mentioned before, I am one of the room parents for my son's second grade class so for the end of the year gift I made these two little flower "pots" for each of the teachers. I had the children write a sentence on a petal I cut out first then I put them on a larger flower. On the back of one of the flowers was a pocket with gift cards in it. I could not find a little chalk board so I made my own using a little rectangular piece of wood and a piece of black chalk board paper (I had bought it in a roll years ago and even though it works I decided to use white stickers for the name instead) I added the little apple and the little Bible with the Cross because they go to a Catholic School. I took them to the teachers today and they loved them! TFL.  I used walk in my garden for the flowers but I cannot remember which cartridge was used for the actual petals.  I used some white creative memories stickers I had sitting around.  Tonight I am working on some little easy items for the other teachers/helpers at the school and hopefully a retirement card for my older son's 4th grade teacher who is leave.  I am hoping to get something small done for her too.  If so I will post those too.  TFL.

Birthday Button! (My first rosette!)

As I mentioned earlier, my baby girl turned 2 this week (yesterday).  I had to work :( and in the evening my oldest had a baseball game so since we were just doing a small on her day celebration of cupcakes either at the game or home after the game I made my Moo Moo a birthday button to wear.  It was a little big on her but she loved it and actually wore it longer than I thought she would.  She got a big kick out of everyone wishing her a happy birthday.  Of course her favorite part of the day was the cupcakes :)   I used winter woodlands for the scallop edged circles.  I printed the sentiment on the computer onto pink cardstock and then I used the center cut feature on the Cricut to cut it out.  TFL.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Mady Moo Turns 2! (part 1 of many)

My baby is turning 2 this week :(  I cannot believe it.  I am having a serious case of baby fever.  Even though she has not been the easiest of my 4 (which my husband keeps reminding me) her turning 2 makes me want another one more than I expected.  When she was a baby I started calling her Mady Moo or Moo Moo and now she even refers to herself as Moo Moo and family and friends call her Mady Moo.  At her first birthday my good friend made a paper cake and she joked about just changing the decorations on it to Mady Moo turns 2! for her second birthday.  That has stuck with me so that is our theme this year!  Here are her invitations for our small family party.  I had the idea for the cow (obviously) for a while and then in the Cricut Magazine a couple of issues ago there was one which gave me more inspiration.  I used Create a Critter for the cow front, back and layers.  It was actually not that easy to put together and I had to print the invitation details and then cut them in the flip shape using center cut (it took a few mistakes to get it right) but I think they turned our SUPER cute!  I hope you will agree.  I plan on using this cute cow as inspiration for the party decorations as well.  Since we are in midst of baseball playoffs and parties her birthday party will be a little later in the month even though her birthday is this week so I have time to get those decorations done once I finish end of the school year teacher gifts this week!  LOL.  Anyway, thanks for looking for now, hope you come back to see the rest!

The real invitations has the details not little cute flowes all over it :)