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Monday, February 22, 2010


A few weeks ago I saw a Scrapbooking journal on someone's blog (I wish I could remember who to give them proper credit) and I knew I wanted to make one.  So FINALLY after at least 3 weeks I took a few hours last night and today to make it.  I just used an old spiral notebook because I have so many (this one is left from when I was in College 10+ years ago (my mom overstocked me with supplies).  I really enjoyed making it and cannot wait to use it to fill it with ideas.  I made 4 tabs for Journaling/Thoughts, Pages, Cards and Wishlist.  I plan to use to to put in page ideas I have seen or come up with, write something funny my kids said or a story I want to remember to scrap.  I am hoping it will help me be more organized when I sit down to actually make something!  We will see :)  I used the poster I saw on Creating Keepsakes via Facebook a few weeks ago for the inside cover, however, I only used photo corners to put it in so that if I have another inspiring poster I can easily change it.  I also plan to add something to each divider/tab but I am not sure what yet, it will go along with the theme of that tab.  The best thing was I used items (paper, ribbon, notebook) that I already had.

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