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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quick Gift

Last week it was the Birthday of the school secretary/administrative assistant at my boys school.  I decided to make her a little post it pad holder (last minute) from the 2nd grade class.  I had all of the supplies I needed at home so it was pretty easy and came together quickly.  She seemed to really like it and took it in to show the students how much she liked it when she thanked them.  She is a fellow crafter so I thought she would appreciate something semi-homemade :)  I just used card stock I had, a 5X7 acrylic photo frame, a post it pad I had bought for $1 at staples, a mini gel pen I had and a pen holder which I had received free when I requested some samples a while back (to be able to try this gift out).  I did not even use the Cricut for this one, LOL.  I happened to still have the balloon tank from Relay for Life balloons so I also blew up a couple of balloons to decorate the bag with to make it more festive when I dropped it off.  TFL.


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frillsfluffandtrucks said...

That turned out cute--I bet she really appreciated it.

~ Sarah