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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My older/little girls birthday invitations

Last week while frantically getting ready for Christmas I realized I needed to also make my daughters birthday invitations (her birthday is January 7 and since it actually falls on a weekend we could actually do her party on her birthday which means only one birthday celebration...when it does not fall on a weekend we usually do 2, a small one on their bday with just us and then a little party on the weekend).  I had found the idea online (I think my friend Stephannie found it and sent it to me) at a while back and knew I had to make them and had even (luckily) picked up the yarn/string already.

Here it is (the flowers are not "really" on there, they are just blocking our personal information :):

I did the details in a Word document and had some purple paper on hand so I easily printed (did a test first and needed to change the margins some so I could get 4 on a page to save paper) the invitations and punched them with my Creative Memories fancy square and fancy edge punch. The hardest part was the brading of the string.  I did long strands of 12 and then tied two purple ribbons in the middle and cut it so I could get two braids out of each one.  It worked out great.  Ally LOVED her invitations.  I got them mailed before Christmas too...maybe that was my Christmas miracle, LOL.  Now I have to get to work on the party decor.  I know I will be doing a tower cake (found an EASY one online) and a banner and maybe some other small things...we will see what time allows.  I will post those as they get done!

Thanks for stopping by, have a CRAFTY day!

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