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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gum Advent Calendars

So on my way to take my boys to school (at a stop light) I see todays posting from Pink Cricut and think OMG, I HAVE to make these!  So today as soon as I get done with work (I work from home on Tuesday and Thursdays thank goodness) I quickly make them.  The boys LOVED them because they both love gum and this ensured they could have one piece at least for the next 24 days, LOL.  My one son does not like minty gum so I had to do his a little different to give him the Trident he likes but it still worked! 

Here they are:

I used a Marth Stewart corner and edge punch for the top/side edges.  I used Pink By Designs November stamp of the month set and die for the front...isn't it perfect!  It was SUPER easy but so darn cute!  I only used 1 sheet of patterned paper and some white scratch paper for the sentiment and for the paper to hold the trident (I just stuck it on the paper with the opening side facing up so that my son could still open the gum without having to remove it from the paper).  You certainly could make yours prettier but pretty is usually lost on my boys so I went with simple :)

Now, if you want to know how to make one, stop over at Pink Cricut and watch Sarah's tutorial!