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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Easy Hot Cocoa Teacher Gifts

Hello all!  I made these cute hot cocoa holders using the same theory as the gum advent calendars from Pink Cricut.  This time I just sort of free handed it in terms of measurements.

Here they are:

I added two packs of hot cocoa, then I closed it, punched a hole and tied a ribbon through, I also added two small bags (I had the bags on hand) of marshmallows and put those through the ribbon and tied it closed.  I then made a small tag and stamped it with my Pink by Design December Stamp of the Month set.  Lastly, I cut out a gift card holder that I made using Cricut CraftRoom and Art Philosophy and put it on the back of the little hot cocoa book.  Easy!  The teachers loved these and I already received one thank you card for them!  I have made 5 of these so far (my 3 year olds two teachers, my co-teacher for Sunday school and our two high school helpers).  I plan to do at least 6 more once I get some more hot chocolate for the teachers at my sons school.  I probably will not add gift cards to those because we do that as a class.  Instead I think I may add two chocolate spoons.  If I do I will add that in another post.  Thanks for stopping by today!

PS:  Don't forget to keep up with us over at Cooking with Cricut as our 25 days of crafting fun finish up this week :)

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