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Monday, August 8, 2011


So my daughter has officially moved upstairs and now is sharing a room with her sister, so far so good!  They have slept there for 3 nights (one is in a crib and one is in a toddler bed).  Now that I can officially start making the craft room/office/multipurpose room mine I decided to do some vinyl on the wall.  I know the word CREATE is probably in most craft rooms but it is what I wanted for mine too!  I put it above a window where I have a cheap little curtain rod with some drapery rings on it so I can hang items after I am done creating them, I think this is a perfect way to show items and also give myself inspiration, I could put some templates or ideas I find online up there as well.  I have another wall of windows in her and want to put another word or quote above it, but I need more vinyl and a good idea for above that because it is a longer space!  I used Lyrical Letters for the letters for this one.  TFL.

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The Cropping Canuck said...

Awesome! I'm also trying to think of a good saying for my craft space. "Create" does seem to say it all doesn't it?