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Monday, August 1, 2011

Car Decals!

A few years ago my girlfriend bought me some flipflop vinyl stickers for my van to represent members of our family (because we all LOVE flipflops and the beach).  I loved them but after a couple of years some of them wore off.  I could not decide what kind I wanted to put back on (flipflops, turtles, people, etc) but then I won (bought) the Cricut Car Decals cartridge on Ebay last week...YEAH me!  I was so excited.  I still did not know what I wanted to put on the car but I decided to do flip flops for now until I want something else!  It is nice to be able to just do it myself whenever I want.  I love this cartridge, it is so cute and I have wanted it since it came out.  I am SO glad I finally won it!  Anyway, it is at least something (sort of) crafty to post on here :)  TFL.

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