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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Note Cards For My Boys

As I have mentioned (probably way too many times, LOL) my hubby and I are going away (kidless) next week.  I wanted to leave something for my boys so I decided to make them little notes to leave under the pillow the first night and in their snack bag for school (I am packing the non-pershible parts of the snack for each day before I leave so my mom can just add the fruit and juice box) for the rest of the days.  I just ordered the Our Kids set from Pink By Design and knew it would be PERFECT for this project. I wanted to do a sports them because they both loves sports so I used Sports Mania to cut out the football and basketball at 2.5 inches and then I had some baseball paper scraps that I used.  I stamped each one and wrote a note to each one of them (some reminding them to behave for the Maw while we are gone :) but mostly telling them we love and miss them).  I forgot to take a picture before I started writing so you get to read the one I am writing to leave under my one sons pillow because he has a football game that day.  I made two sets of what you see in the pictures, one set for each son.  My daughters are too young for something like this but maybe when we go away for our 20 year anniversary in another 10 years I will do it for them, LOL.  TFL.


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