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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School!

Wow, this last week has been CRAZY!  I have very little crafting time, I am working on a scrapbook page that is taking me forever, LOL, using a sketch which I have never done before.  It involves weaving which I think is what is taking me so long.  We were away for Labor Day weekend so I did not get any weekend crafting time but I did enjoy the beach with family and friends.  My boys started school last week and their teachers loved the teachers gifts, when I went to back to school night last night both commented on them and had the empty boxes (guess they drank the soda and ate the popcorn :)) on their desks!  Love it.  My 3 year old daughter had her preschool visit yesterday (she starts next Tuesday for 2 days a week for a couple of hours) she loved it and was very sad to not be going to school when she woke up today.  I have been working on some Halloween crafts which I will post when they are done but for today I do not have anything :( except some cute pictures of my kids.  Hope to have something crafty to post soon!  TFL.

This is my 5th grader on his first day
This is my 3rd grader on his first day

This is my 3 year old at her preschool visit

This is my 2 year old just being cute and silly :)

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