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Monday, September 12, 2011

I've been spotted!!!!!!!

What a SHOCK it was when I was checking blogs Saturday night and headed over to one of my faves, to find out that I had been SPOTTED!  I used my Cricut and Pink By Design stamps to make my hubby's birthday card (see that post below) and then I posted it on the Pink By Design community and don't you know it was spotted by Sara (Pink Cricut).  I have to tell you I was just ticked pink when I found that out :)  Here is Sarah's post if you would like to see it (she also "spots" people on Facebook)  I think it is a wonderful way to recognize her loyal fans and customers!  Now I get this AWESOME I've been spotted button to put on my blog.  Yeah me!  LOL.  Well thanks for sharing in my good news with me and maybe you will get spotted too :)

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