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Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine Treats for the Kids Classmates and Teachers

I think I went back and forth on what to make for the kids classmates and teachers for that matter a 100 time.  I find way TOO many ideas on Pinterest that I always want to try.  Then of course February 13th comes and I have nothing made yet, LOL.  So here is what we ended up with.

For the boys their classmates go a hug and a kiss (or two or three)

I just printed the sentiment on my computer, cut it out and rounded the edges.  I did the same with the red paper. I then tied the bag closed with some ribbon and the tag (the boys signed their names on their tags for theirs, this was an extra).  I came up with this idea after seeing a squeeze and a kiss on Pinterest.  I remember these little hugs juice barrels from when I was a kid and thought they would be perfect :)  Whats a little more sugar on Valentines day, right!

My daughter took some goldfish crackers:

I had seen a few versions of this on Pinterest and knew I wanted to try it.  I used Art Philosophy for the bag toppers (scored them in the middle), I bought the bags with hearts on them at the party store, I printed the sentiments on the computer and just used my Creative Memories circle punch (1.5 inches) and my Fiskars scalloped circle punch (2 inches).  She also wrote her name on the back of the bag topper but I did not get a picture of that :(

For the teachers I just did this cute idea I saw on Pinterest and that I wanted to do for my boys but my husband was not too keen on the idea of sending glass bottle so I did three 6 packs and put them in the teachers lounge at my boys school, plus made specific ones for their teachers and then I made 3 for my daughter to give to her two preschool teachers and the secretary there.

The hardest part was finding the strawberry Crush which I have to thank my friend Steph for letting me know they were at Walmart and my mom for picking me up so many that I had left overs, LOL.

The teachers loved the sodas and the kids loved the Valentine goodies.  This is probably the last year I will do these for my oldest (I will still do for his teachers) so that was bitter sweet but at least next year I will have my other daughter to make for also since she will be in preschool :)

Thanks for stopping by, have a crafty day!


Evelyn Vertefeuille said...

These ideas are so cute. Great job! Wish I was your kids' teacher!

Diane Hodrick said...

lol...these are too cute, but I am the same way. I find 100 projects I love, can't make up my mind, and then rush on the day before to have anything done. Pinterest is good (and evil).