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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Tangled Birthday

So my little girl (who the day she turned 4 asked me if she would be 4 forever and I begged her to stay that way...and then the very next night asked how long until she turns 5 and can wear eye make-up) turned 4 this past Saturday.  As you may remember from the invitations I posted earlier she had a Tangled themed birthday.  Unfortunately, the kids and I have been a little in and out of being under the weather so Mommy did not do much decorating for the party.  I did two Rapunzel themed hair things...first I put some yellow yarn that looks like hair and wrapped it around our banister coming from upstairs to downstairs. Fairly simple.  Then I took some more yellow yarn and braided it (boy that took more time than I expected) and put it on the front door.  It turned out cute (I did not get a picture of the hair going up the stairs :(:

I also tried to quickly do my daughters hair and luckily she loved it although it could have been much nicer :)

Lastly, I made the tower cake idea I found on the same site I found the invitations and braid on the door idea (here):

My girls and I also made some cupcakes and I just used store bought chocolate icing and flowers to put on top but they turned out yummy and cute!  They love helping me bake, for some reason they always want to taste the flour even though I tell them it is not sugar!  LOL.  Unfortunately, when I took pictures of them helping my flash did not work so the pictures are horrible but here is one anyway:

My younger son (8) was sick and quarantined the entire time but we did take him food and a he is enjoying it:

My oldest child (my 10 year old son) helped a lot with setting up and taking pictures for me so he is not in any but here is in from the morning birthday breakfast (donuts and mini pancakes).  He is the tallest one :)

Well, although I did not make a banner or lanterns like I wanted everyone seemed to have a good time and Ally had a great time.  She has a preschool celebration tomorrow (I am crossing my fingers she does not end up sick) so I am planning on making some goodie bags and make cake pops with a new cake pop maker my niece bought me for Christmas!  We will see!

Thanks for stopping by, have a craft day!


CREATIVE M said...

Adorable! New Follower.

Pink Cricut said...

What a great party! Love that Cake!!

Tiffany Leola Johnson~Koehn said...

What a cute cake!! Thanks for sharing!!