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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bleach Pen Shirt

Hello everyone.  Wow, I can honestly say I am GLAD the holidays are over!  It is been so crazy for me and of course my daughters birthday is this weekend so it is still crazy but at least it is a milder crazy.  My niece turned 3 last week and we bought her some coloring books and markers, crayons, etc but I also wanted to make her a shirt.  She loves all things Disney, especially Mickey Mouse.  I found the idea of bleach pen shirts on Pinterest (I am on there now and LOVE it) and am planning on doing something for my daughters for Valentine's but until then I thought I could experiment with a shirt for my niece. 

Here it is:

I use Mickey Font for this cut, then I light taped it to the shirt and then traced around it with the bleach pen.  Unfortunately I took the picture before I washed the shirt.  It actually looks cuter and the edges, although not perfect, look better after being washed.  they look more soft than messed up.  I think it turned out cute and can't wait to see something with hearts for my girls for Valentine's Day. 

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