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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Youth (not high) Chairs

My 3 year old has been wanting this chair that her cousin has and so I finally broke down and spent the $40 for it in hopes she will sit it in until she is 10!  Then of course my 4 year old had to have one too...another $40.  They come unfinished so I had to stain them...I have never done that before!  I bought a water based stain and finish and it turned out fine for my first time :)  Then I used my Cricut and the Artiste Cartridge to cut their names from vinyl and then I used it as a template to paint the girls names on the chairs so there is NO confusion on who's chair is who's :)  In the end it was a great idea because it puts them at the perfect height for the table (no more sitting on their knees!).

Here are the finished chairs, the only issue was my 3 year old kept asking for her white chair back (because the chairs are so light/white looking when they are not stained), she finally got used to her stained chair :)

Thanks for stopping by to see my non-paper craft but I still used my Cricut :)

I hope you have a crafty day!

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