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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hello all.  I hope everyone had a great Halloween.  We just survived Hurricane Sandy.  We were very lucky here in central MD to not get much (we had worse back in July with the Derocho storm).  We actually did not lose power which is amazing for us, we usually lose it for 4 days at a time.  I think we were better prepared this time.  Unfortunately, folks to the east and north were not so lucky.  We are praying for a quick recover for them all.

This year for Halloween I made two crafts (I still need to do something for my 3 year olds preschool class but have until next week :)).  First, I made cute little bats with a fun size Hershey bar in them for my 4 year olds pre-k class because she dressed as a bat :)  I used the Artiste cartridge for the bat, a circle punch for the face and some papers I had left over from last year.  For the face, I used a Peachy Keen set called Monster Mash (I combined a mouth and eyes from different stamps in the set because I did not want my bat to look mean:)  I had my daughter write her name on the inside and I used a ribbon that can easily be slid off to keep them closed.

Here are my bats and my cute little bat (I hand cut her mask because we could not find a bat costume):


For my boys (9 and 11) I used this post from My Creative Time for inspiration and did some cute little cuts from Art Philosophy (I could cut 9 at a time versus using a die to cut one at a time) and put some pixie sticks through added a cute little Halloween sentiment from My Creative Times All Around Halloween set.

Here are those cute treats:


Lastly, for Halloween I made some costumers or parts of costumes.  For my 3 year old she wanted to be a bat and I am not a sewer so I decided to do hers out of paper.  I used the Art Philosophy for the tear drops which I then turned upside down.  I used Create a Critter for the owl which I had cut down to make into a mask and added some circles and small feathers and an elastic band to make into a mask.  She loved it and luckily it survived.  Of course she has to wear it next week to preschool because her class Halloween event was cancelled this week due to the Hurricane so I hope it makes it until then!  I also made my 9 year old sons Jayson Werth beard using a picture, some cardstock and some elastic.   Here is a picture of the two cuties:

My oldest wanted to go as the Sun Drop guy (have you seen those soda commercials, he walks around dancing which cracks my son up).  All I had to do for him was make an iron on since we did not have a Sun Drop t-shirt.  It worked ok but I did not have the iron on for dark colored shirts so it is not that visible via picture.  Here is my handsome guy:

WOW! That was a lot in a few days of work!  I guess now it is onto Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a crafty day.

PS:  I am linking up over at Sarah Hamer Designs, stop by and link up too!

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Born2Beach said...

Awesome! I love your bat faces. Thanks for the idea.