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Monday, April 18, 2011

An Early Easter...Sort Of

Next weekend we will be away for Easter so we decided to do a little egg hunt with the kids, we invited some neighborhood children, just a couple, another friend and her family and my nieces.  It ended up being my 4 kiddos, my niece and 2 little girls from our neighborhood.  (I had the idea to invite folks on Thursday and the hunt was on Sunday, LOL, so that may be why turnout was low).  I did make invitations for the neighborhood kids using the Spring Holiday Cards Cricut Cartridge (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE), the picture looks like they were green and red but they were a nice spring green and pink (darn iphone).  I also tooks some picks of the hunt and the cupcakes, little and big, that I made for the occassion-they were yummy!  The kids had a great time.  My mom, she is the best, did all of the eggs and brought them down with her.  Thank goodness (and God :)) for her.  Happy Early Easter to everyone.  TFL!



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