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Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Baby Girl Turned 1!!!!!

I cannot believe it, my youngest, Mady turned 1 last week.  It has been a very busy few weeks between baseball, Memorial Day weekend, school ending for my boys, work and Mady's birthday.  I wanted to make her some decorations but I really ran out of time.  I did make her a little banner and I made her a #1 cake for her on her birthday and then for her little party (with family and a few close friends) I made my first fondant cake.  It turned out ok.  I would definitely try it again.  Here are some pics of the cakes and decorations.  I also made large sour cream containers in the pink and green as the goodie bags for the kids.  My super creative/talented friend Stephannie made the paper cake you can see a glimpse of in one of the pics.  I did not want to put a full picture here, but if you visit her site, you can see her amazing work.  She is very talented.  Her site is 

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BeeBeebabs said...

You did a great job tfs