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Monday, April 12, 2010

Love the Plantin SchoolBook Cartridge Flower

Hello all.  I have not been crafting as much because I have been actually going to bed once the kids are in bed, I am a little run down with my now 10 month old STILL not sleeping through the night.  We are worried she may have some milk protein issues like my 2 year old so I think I have been spoiling her more than I need to at night and just need to finally let her cry it out for a few nights. Ahh, the joys of motherhood!  I love the blog and on Saturday she had a challenge for a chance to win a Create a Critter cartridge, which is adorable!  So here is my submission:  it had to have pink, green and black which I totally love the color combination of pink and green anyway, so I was excited to make it.  I am obsessed with the flower on the Plantin SchoolBook cartridge so I had to use it (again) for this one.  I loved using ribbon for the stem also, instead of paper.  I think it added a nice little touch.  Hope you like it!

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