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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Play dates???

Both of my boys had play dates today.  One went to a friends house and one had someone come over.  It is so funny to me to think about "scheduling" play dates.  I mean, my goodness do kids need date calendars and blackberry's? Actually yes, mine could use some if I could count on them to keep them up, but since I know it is my responsibility I just try to keep track of it.  I have everything I can remember to put down in my blackberry but like most things then it is only there for me to see and not my husband or the kids so I become the sole person responsible for it and the items schedule on it.  I think for 2010 I will try to find some creative way to keep a calendar for everyone to see and use...maybe with the Cricut Calendar Cartridge...if I can manage to sneak and buy one before the new year :)

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