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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years...What will I do different next year?

I am not always good about sticking to my resolutions but this year I figure I will focus on three. 
  1. Take a picture (at least one) every day and Scrapbook them.  My mom bought me an Easy Scrapbooking 2010 Calendar.  You save each page and you can (if you want) cut the date off and then use it for a photo mount, I think I will keep the date on and see what comes of taking one picture each day and at the end of 2010 Scrapbooking the year.
  2. Drink more water.  I drink WAY too much soda so I am thinking of ways to drink more water.
  3. Be a better Wife and Mother.  You know I pray for this every week at Church and sometimes in between but I think I will make a resolution to do at least one thing a week that helps me feel like I am being a better Wife and Mother.
Best wishes on a fun and exciting (if you can make it up to Midnight) New Years Eve!

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