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Monday, September 26, 2016

Wood projects!

Unfortunately with the kids keeping me busy I do not get a lot of time in my craft room.  My late husband had built a detached oversized two car garage many years ago before he passed and I decided recently to move my craft room out there, to allow my boys to each have their own room.  I have to admit I was so sad to leave my pink and purple craft room but I know my oldest is so excited to have his own room so it is worth it (my girls will still have to share but get to move into the BIG room the boys used to share).  Since I am not in my craft room much and my stuff is now a mess in the garage until I get it organized I have used my "free" time to try my hand at some wood working projects.  I am not a prefectionist in any project so these are rough jobs but I am still proud of them.

The first is an idea from Home Depot.  It is a simple beverage stand  I used stain on the legs and shelves and chalkboard paint on the top :)  I cut enough wood except for the top to make two.  I have not bought another piece to cut the top for the second one but hope to do that sometime in the next couple of months.


The second is a DIY from
I have been wanting something for behind my sofa and my love seat.  I made the sofa table this weekend.  I will work on the love seat one (same one but smaller) next weekend.  I used a gray stain so that they would match the theme of my small living room.  My oldest son helped with some on Saturday and my girls helped stain it Sunday.  While they are not perfect, I am excited I can say I made them myself and that they are useful!


Thanks for stopping by!  Have a crafty day!

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