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Monday, March 5, 2012

Dr. Suess' Birthday

Last Friday my boys school had a fun day filled with celebrating Dr. Suess' birthday.  I wanted to make something and found this cute idea on Pinterest using marshmallows so this is what I made.

Cat in Hat marshmallow hats:

I made enough for each of my boys classes and their teachers (about 20-21 per class) and had (luckily) just bought some Styrofoam half circles at the $1 store so I wrapped those in foil and they worked PERFECT to hold the treats.

I used the small marshmallows and red sugar, that was it (oh and a little water).  The treats were easy but took a little time to put them together but the pay off was great, they just loved them and so did their classes.

Thanks for stopping by and have a crafty day!

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