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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bake Sale!

My sons 4th grade class is having a bake sale today so I made some (yummy) chocolate chip cookies (sorry I forgot to take pictures) and some cupcakes.  The theme is Mardi Gras so I used my Cricut Sweet Treats card to cut cupcake holders, then I used Don Juan to cut out the fleur-de-lis on 2 sides (if I had planned better I could have designed it on my Gypsy but it was last still works out).  I used the cutouts to decorate the mini cupcake holders so it worked out well.  I thought they turned out cute.  I also attempted to cut some fleur-de-lis from fondant on my Cricut Cake, I got a couple out but it was late and I was having trouble (I have not mastered the texture that the fondant needs to be to cut well yet).  It was fun trying and I had some helpers (my two girls).  TFL.