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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Out of tragedy comes togetherness

Last week some good friends of ours lost their house and pets to an electrical fire.  It was very surreal for us so I cannot even imagine how it was/is for them.  My sister-in-law and another friend quickly organized a Spagetti Dinner Donation Party for the family (I mean quickly as in 24 hours).  I was asked to make the donation box and I offered to bring desserts.  I am not sure how much money/gift/cards/donations came out of it but just from what I saw from our group of friends it was a lot and I know it meant a lot to the family that their friends were there supporting them through this tough time.  So it made me think of a couple of things: count your blessings and remember that it is not the materials in our life that matter.  Here is a picture of the donation box.  I wrapped a box in plain (as plain as I could find) wrapping paper.  I then used my Gypsy to weld the letters together from Opposites Attract and used the arrow from Gypsy Wanderings.  You cannot see it but I made a hole in the top of the box and put donations under the hole also.  TFL.

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